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"What I enjoyed most about the workshop was that it was interactive, uplifting and enlightening. I learned new ways of looking at and relating to my dreams."

--Susan Myers, Hypnotherapies

"Dr. Miles is a coach who is really committed to her clients. Her warm and open style creates a safe environment to be who you really are. I highly recommend her to anyone who's considering using a coach."

--Judy Ranien, President Jumpstart

"Thank you for the wonderful experience at the dream workshop. You captured me at many levels. I am putting to good use all that I have learned."

--Janet Greens, CEO Greens, Inc.

"Dr. Miles is a delight. She brings value to everything she touches. She is able to insightfully zero in on the heart of previously intractable issues, establish an entirely new prospective and offer empowering options for moving forward."

--Donna L. Harris, President Harris Communications

"I really enjoyed your workshop experience today! You covered a lot of material and were very well organized, which was appreciated. But mostly I enjoyed your personality. You keep things always pleasant and fun, and your high energy level was infectious. Thank you for a fun and healthy day."

--Richard Locasso, Actor

Marjorie Miles, DCH, MFT
Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Dream Therapist  •Workshop Leader  •Lifestyle Coach

Appeared on Fox 11 Good Morning L.A. News
as the Dream Expert
Featured on KUCI Radio
Listed in "Who's Who Among America's Teachers"
Featured in the Voice of Orange County Magazine : "Who's Who in Orange County"

Education and Training

  • Doctorate Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, American Institute of Hypnotherapy
  • Master of Arts Degree, Social Science/Counseling, Azusa Pacific University
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Psychology, California State University, Long Beach
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Certified Conscious Body Method Coach--Trained by Dr. Karen Wolfe
  • Certified Spiritual Counselor--Trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue
  • Certified Intuitive Heart Discovery Instructor--Trained by Dr. Henry Reed


Greetings Dreamers and Sojourners:

On my own journey, I have experienced many transitions. The first included a career as a traditional psychotherapist. For 4 years, I worked as a crisis counselor at residential treatment centers serving troubled adolescents and their families. I loved my clients, but the work was demanding and intense.

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When I began experiencing symptoms of "burn-out", I decided to focus on prevention rather than crisis intervention. (They say you teach best what you need to learn). That decision led to my creating and facilitating Stress Reduction and Life Enrichment Workshops and, eventually, a new career direction--academia.

I discovered how much I loved teaching and began another rewarding career as a psychology professor. During that time, I broadened my knowledge about the unconscious mind and earned a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. My interest in states of consciousness expanded (excuse the pun), and my students began exploring sleep dreams and their powerful, hidden messages.

Approximately 10 years later, after being promoted to a senior professor position, I began experiencing what author, Sarah Ban Breathnach, describes as Divine Discontent. Although I had achieved considerable professional success, I felt stuck in my life and felt the joy and passion ebbing from my daily activities. A call to do something more beckoned...but what?

A simple flier arrived in the mail one day and proved life-changing. It announced the first Certified Spiritual Counselor program, offered by noted author and metaphysical psychologist, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Despite my reservations, and there were plenty-- time, money, energy, commitment, practicality--I followed my heart's desire to bring more of the sacred into my daily living and to deepen my connection with Universal wisdom.

As I began to listen to my inner guidance, I started receiving information regarding my next career step. As my passion for dream work grew stronger, the small, still voice within me grew louder, repeating over and over: "Trust...take a leap of faith...let go...and the new form will come." Despite the deafening fears that were also vying for my attention, I ended my inner struggle by releasing my full-time teaching position and choosing to "follow my bliss" (Joseph Campbell must be smiling broadly now).

Amazingly, the right people at just the right time began showing up in my life to support me on my journey (and continue to do so). Today, JourneyofYourDreams.Com, and its mission to provide integrated mind/body/spirit services for a happier, healthier, and abundant life, is a reality!

Trusting in My Life's Dream, and the Power that gifted me with it, has been very much like driving a car at night. The headlights only illuminate several feet of the road ahead; and, at times, there are unexpected curves, bumps, and detours. However as I continue down the road, I always arrive--safely and joyfully--HOME.

Thank you for joining me on the Journey.
Sweet Dreams!

Marjorie Miles

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