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"You inspire people to become their possibility and to make their dreams come true."

--Trudy Ettelson, Ph.D., College Professor and Author
The Dream Gallery is a special place to share and experience the importance of dreams, the transcendent qualities of DreamArt and to encourage your own creative expression.
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The Rose and t...
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The Tree of Al...
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Inner Dream Ar...
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Inner Dream Ar...
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Last Wish
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The Intuitive ...
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Love is Marked...
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Interested in having your work displayed in our dream gallery? Simply submit your image and its description to

The image format should be either a windows bitmap (.bmp) or a high quality jpeg (.jpg) and equal or smaller than 800 x 800 pixels. The image must be related to the website’s main theme: the exploration and utilization of our dreaming mind.

Additionally, you may want to include the following information if applicable: the dream, waking life actions, poem and comments.
"In the ocean of the unconscious, dreams are swells that rise and pause and break onto the shores of personal consciousness, only to retreat, leaving precious gifts on the beach of waking awareness. We cannot influence the tides or current, but we can ride the crest of the wave into shore and gather the treasures to us as we walk at dawn."

—Jill Mellick

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