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"You inspire people to become their possibility and to make their dreams come true."

--Trudy Ettelson, Ph.D., College Professor and Author

The Hunger Site

Please Visit The Hunger Site Daily. Your FREE clicks on various folders Provide donations for food, mammograms, medical care for children, rainforest preservation and animal rescue - Dreams: Art of the Collective Unconscious

The University of Yourself - Ron Masa, Ph.D., Psychologist, sculptor, writer, inventor, I Ching teacher and dream expert who has trained extensively with shamans. Dr. Ron leads the weekly TeleDream Group: a supportive, inspiring journey into depth-oriented, dream wisdom through lively group dream interpretations by telephone.

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Nutresin compra ahora! - Dr. Karen Wolfe and Dr. Deborah Kern, co-authors of the book, Create the Body Your Soul Desires, integrate their extensive professional training in medicine, nursing, health education, psychology, hypnotherapy, coaching, fitness, yoga, and Nia to help you view your body-and your whole being in a completely new way-to live your life to its fullest. - Judy Ranieri, M.A.. Certified Coach who empowers people to share a legacy of love and life lessons through her unique Wisdom Box Kit, workshops, and FREE teleclasses. - Kathleen Scott, a Professional Astrologer is the creator of this company that promotes other companies, organizations & individuals of higher consciousness on the Internet. "A New Day...A New Way!" was created in order to produce workshops dealing with higher consciousness for Cable TV. Her vision for this project is being supported by many of the coaches (Dr. Marjorie, among them) you will find on this website. - Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D, author of Your Mind: The Owner's Manual and creator of The Fairy Line Products-Natural Mind/Body/Spirit Products such as Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams and Magical Dream Keepers--that empower children and adults to embrace the memory of magic, unlimited imagination and inspiration.

Creative Spirit Network - Henry Reed, Ph.D., Specializes in transformational work centered in dreams, energetic healing and creativity.

Angel Therapy - Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, .Metaphysical psychologist, author and lecturer, and spiritual teacher. Author of over 22 books, tapes and divination cards.

Phil Bender-Stone - Phil Bender-Stone, Musician , and composer for film, video and individual projects. Phil's original music can be heard on Dr. Marjorie's DreamARTs and Relax and Revitalize in Just 10 Minutes CD's.

Chelsea Mae - Chelsea Mae, Photographer/Artist. Chelsea's Painting "The Dreaming Mind" can be viewed on the welcome page. Also, her beautiful photograph can been seen on Dr. Marjorie's Relax and Revitalize in Just 10 Minutes CD. - Shannon Dominguez, DCH, Specializes in medical hypnotherapy services.

Brenda Ferrimani - Brenda is a gifted artist as well as a painter of dreams. Would you like to see one of your dreams painted on canvas or on mural? If you have an unforgettable dream you'd like to see on canvas or as a mural, contact Brenda for a quote or for information on ordering one of her original art pieces.

What you can do about them.
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Nightmare Hotline: 1-866-DRMS911

Tuition assistance to maximize educational opportunities for students entering college with creative aspirations in art, music, dance and/or theatre.

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