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Relax and Revitalize in Just 10 Minutes

"This CD promotes a lasting sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. A must for those of us in high-stress lifestyles"

--Dr. Gary Heximer, Doctor of Chiropractic

DreamARTS Audio CD and Workbook

"I love it! It works.thanks!"

--Kim Casey, Artist

"I finally had the pleasure of listening to your CD. In the first meditation, I got a clear vision of my inner artist, though not at all what I expected! In the second meditation, I got a clear helpful message on an important step to take to better implement my too-many creative projects, which was to simply organize them all in a particular way in a binder, which I have done and find helpful. It was so explicit of a suggestion that came!"

--KMC, Student

Intuitive Dreaming for Inspired Solutions Audio Tape and Workbook

""I just listened to the audio tape from the conference, and it is really wonderful! What a wonderful presenter you are, so much energy, and the feeling was so fun and positive and exciting! I loved it! I found it an inspiration, as well, in ways of how to tell others about dreams."

--Kate Czekala, Dreamworker/Focusing Teacher

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Welcome to my Dream Store! I am excited that you have decided to check the wonderful products that Journey of Your Dreams has to offer. Here you can place orders and pay via PayPal. Thank you, and have fun shopping!
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Relax and Revitalize In Just 10 Minutes

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Guided Dream Journey

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Inspired Solutions Through Incubated Dreaming

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Create the Body Your Soul Desires

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Journey to the Dream Temple

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Some Services offer an Audio Cassette of Session

Individual Dream Work Session

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Individual Dream Work Session Plus Session Cassete

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Individual Dream Work Session

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Monthly Dream Group Session

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3 Monthly Dream Group Sessions

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The Conscious Body Method Coaching™ Session

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Welcome to the Book Corner! Relax... and, perhaps, sip your favorite hot beverage...while you browse books that are highly recommended to help you learn MORE about DREAMS, CREATIVITIY, SPIRITUALITY AND TRANSFORMATION.

New books will be added come back often!

Would you like share YOUR recommendation? Just email Dr. Marjorie


The Art of Dreaming: A Creativity... by Jill Mellick, Ph.D.
More than 50 activities to guide you through a fascinating process of self-exploration through dream work. You will be able to uncover deep and essential message from your dreams through creative tools- paint, word, clay, dance, drama, and masks.

The Natural Artistry of Dreams by Jill Mellick, Ph.D.
This book contains a wonderful set of tools for all dreamers who seek to mine the soul's depth for its hidden treasures. Dr. Mellick enters the dreams and writes from within its mystery. She guides the reader in revealing the painter, sculptor, mask maker, poet, or playwright within the dreamer. A must read for anyone seeking more enhance their creativity.

All About Dreams : Everything You Need... by Gayle Delaney, Ph.D.
A masterful survey of the fact and fiction surrounding dreams, as well as a hand-on guide to working directly with your own powerful dream images. Complete with a resource list of the best dream books, tapes, videos, study grounds, and websites.

The Secret Language of Symbols by David Fontana
This unique and practical guide will deepen your understanding and appreciation of symbols and their place in art, literature, and in the complex workings of the human psyche. It features an extensive visual directory of more than 300 full-color illustrations and combines stunning artwork with illuminating essays and detailed captions to explore the fascinating web of culture, history ,and psychology that lies behind every symbol and symbol system.

Sex, Symbols and Dreams by Janice Hnishaw Baylis, Ph.D.
Baylis uses a brilliant selection of dream examples and comic strips to illustrate how the dream-mind forms links between images and meanings from Life Experiences, Qualities, Word Forms, Figures of Speech, People's Attributes, Human Psychology, and even Sex. The reader will also learn 7 symbol substitution systems from this author's important and innovative research. Highly recommended.

The Healing Power of Dreams by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.
Synthesizing scientific research with fascinating case histories, mythology, and her own rich dream experiences, Dr. Garfield gives you the technology and insight to use your dreams to help you actively participate in your own healing. She gives you specific information about how dreams can offer useful prescriptions to guide us toward vibrant health. This book is a must for anyone confronted with illness, pain or impending surgery. It is a valuable guide for health and emotional growth.

Mutual Dreaming : When Two or More... by Linda Lane Magallon
Incredible, but very real, the phenomenon of sharing the same dream with one or more people, sometimes simultaneously, is more common than we might think--and also extremely revealing about the way our subconscious works and sends us its messages.

Daydreaming : Using Waking Fantasy and... by Erick Klinger, Ph.D.
Freud labeled them infantile, Plato held them in contempt, Pascal blocked them out, but daydreams, according to University of Minnesota professor Klinger, are a "constructive self-distraction" that continually reminds us of our personal agendas. The author argues that waking fantasies can help us rehearse social situations, get organized, dig for creative solutions to problems, gain self-insight and sharpen skills through mental practice.

The Artist Inside: A Spiritual Guide to... by Tom Crockett
A fresh approach to tapping into our own creativity, using the images and artifacts of our dreams.

A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the... by Michael S. Schneider
You are lead on a spectacular, lavishly illustrated journey along the numbers 1 through 10 to explore the mathematical principles made visible in flowers, shells, crystals, plants, the human body and expressed in fairy tales, folk sayings, myth, religion and art.

Point Zero: Creativity Without Limits by Michele Cassou
Readers will be shown how to recover the magic of childlike intuitive expression. The author arms us with a clear method of creating fresh and piercing questions related to our being blocked in the moment.

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Welcome! These products reflect my desire to share with you MORE resources to help you create a happier, healthier and more abundant life.

Recommendation Policy: Sometimes, I earn commissions on the recommendations (for example, and other times I don't. In each case, though, I have either personally used-- or have learned about an exceptional product or service--from valued friends and colleagues that l wish to share with you.

Since I believe these products and/or services are well worth your investment, please let me know if you are ever disappointed.


Money, Meaning and Beyond

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Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

It's time to Bottle Coaching!
Service industries are product-izing their offerings. Why not Coaches? Get started with Multiple Streams of Coaching Income. Click here to find out how!

Dream Minder Software

Why Struggle To Reach Your Goals And Dreams When There's A Far Simpler Way?

Dream-Minder software gives you all the energy and wisdom you'll ever need to de-stress and live with clarity and passion. Picture yourself enjoying the kind of life you know you deserve. Realize in days what it took you years to accomplish before.

Please visit for more!


The I Ching is a valuable tool for making important decisions and for communing with our higher self.

Listen to an audio excerpt and read free text samples by visiting


Magical Dream Keeper

Hand-assembled creation of The Fairy Line. Similar to a dream catcher, but this is designed to capture your lifetime dreams! Use the gossamer pouch to write requests to the fairies. Beautiful poem and instructions included. Made of ribbons and bamboo -- great fengshui piece. Hand-painted fairy wings. Comes in lavender, pink, and blue. A very popular item.

Find this, and other wonderful products for you and your little ones, at

The Wisdom Box

Create your own legacy of joy, wisdom and life lessons with this Wisdom Box Kit

For the creator of the box, it's a way of sharing and validating your life and for the receiver, it is a gift of love.

Find out more about The Wisdom Box by visiting

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