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Unlocking the Genius of Your Dreaming Mind


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"You inspire people to become their possibility and to make their dreams come true."

--Trudy Ettelson, Ph.D., College Professor and Author

Welcome to Journey of Your Dreams!

Here You Will Find Resources To:

  • Use Your Sleep Dreams and Daydreams to Live Your Lifeís Dream!
  • Unleash Your Mindís Potential through Guided Imagery and Hypnosis.
  • Lose Weight and Create the Body of Your Dreams.
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Artist: Chelsea Mae

"Art is said to be the soul's attempt to express the mysteries of life, awakening us to an eternal reality beyond our circumscribed world. It is an agent of change for the artist and for those who are touched by his work."

—Bryan deFlores

You are an Artist of the Everyday!

By honoring any creative impluse for self-expression—from wearing a specific color that appeals to you, preparing a new recipe, singing in the shower, writing in your journal, doodling, painting, re-arranging furniture—you are art-in-action.

What is Dream Art?

Your Dreaming Mind connects you with your inspired, creative and intuitive Self. Dream drawings, mandalas, collages and paintings are not about becoming the next Picasso, but about revelation and expression. Dream art allows you to re-enter your dream without language and to learn more about your Dreaming Mind's important messages.

Dream Art is also about the transformation of dream images into poetry, stories, dance drama, inventions and other forms of Self-expression.

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