What are the Main Factors that Cause Mental Illness?

The daily activities and events of life can often lead to physical and mental stress. This stress can be caused by physical issues, such as illness or overwork, or by emotional events, such as family conflicts. Even joyful events, such as the birth of a baby or getting a job, can be stressful due to the changes they bring. These characteristics are some of the most supported risk factors that are believed to influence multiple mental health issues.

Mental disorders are caused by multiple factors that affect people regardless of race, gender or age. However, if we experience several losses at once or if we are under a lot of pressure in our daily lives, we can start to develop mental health problems. Our biology, our lived experiences and our behavioral tendencies all influence our mental health, and some aspects are completely out of our control. Kentucky Mental Health Care is a multi-specialty group, a substance use treatment and AODE provider with offices in Louisville, Kentucky, and telehealth resources across the state.

Mental health is the balance that must exist between people and their sociocultural environment. Additionally, many people who have a mental health problem do not have parents, children or other family members with the same condition. While lifestyle factors such as work, diet, medications and lack of sleep can affect mental health, if you have a mental health problem there are usually other factors at play as well. For example, when families and communities break apart or when life changes so much that normal ways of dealing with problems no longer work, people can start to suffer from mental issues.

Some mental illnesses have been linked to abnormal functioning of the pathways of nerve cells that connect certain regions of the brain. Previous research on the development of predictive methods for mental health conditions has also sparked ethical conversations. It explains what mental health problems are, what can cause them and the different types of help, treatment and support available.

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